Tubular Membrane – Ultrafilter Modules

Tubular Membranes – Ultrafilter Modules

Wide Center Channel Decreases Fouling With High Solids Streams

  • Wide center channel better handles feed streams with large solids and high levels of suspended solids without clogging
  • Excellent, cost-effective replacement tubes fit nearly all existing in-plant systems
  • Direct replacement of Koch™ products
  • Automatic SpongeBall Cleaning System promotes easy maintenance, less downtime
  • High cross flow velocities prevent membrane fouling, especially in applications with difficult process and waste streams

Advanced Tubular Ultrafilters

Tubular Ultrafiltration Membranes from SpinTek provide excellent capabilities for filtering and concentrating difficult process and waste streams. The tubular membrane filters feature a wide center channel design, and can handle high concentrations of suspended solids with ease, allowing the passage of even large solids without plugging your system. The ability to handle feed streams with widely varying compositions and characteristics makes these reliable, long-lasting tube membranes excellent replacements in nearly any existing in-plant system. SpinTek tubular membranes concentrate latex and kaolin, oily wastewater, nuclear waste, and many other hard-to-handle streams.

Low Maintenance Tubular Membranes

In addition to their ability to concentrate difficult waste and process streams, SpinTek’s Tubular Ultrafiltration Membranes feature excellent low-maintenance properties. These tubular membranes are designed to the most rigorous standards of performance, offering superior membrane composition with exacting tolerances. SpinTek’s optional Spongeball Cleaning System for automatic or manual operation can be added to facilitate fast, easy cleaning and inhibit the build-up of deposits that degrade system performance of tubular membranes. So in addition to savings in concentrate disposal, you’ll achieve dramatically reduced downtime, and lower maintenance costs.

Additional Benefits of Tubular Membrane Filters

  • Combine with other SpinTek filtration technologies for a \complete process solution to handle most liquid/solid separations more efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Complete range of pore sizes
  • PVDF membranes available
  • Available in 5′, 10′, and 10.5′ lengths

Lower Your Replacement Costs

SpinTek Tubular Ultrafiltration Membranes are available in industry-standard diameters and lengths, providing a direct replacement for nearly an existing system, regardless of manufacturer. SpinTek also works in close alliance with OEMs seeking superior tubular membrane technology for industrial filtration applications. Special Hydrocarbon filtration, solvent resistive, and high temperature tubular membranes are available in PVDF with pore sizes from 70,000 to 100,000 NMWC.

A Better Solution

SpinTek Filtration provides a complete line of membrane systems including rotary disk and tubular membranes, and spiral wound systems for chemical, nuclear, oily-water, and wastewater separations. SpinTek’s custom-designed, integrated systems have proven their ability to process and concentrate solids up to 60 percent, with less maintenance and downtime in critical applications. Because reduced capital expenditure is crucial to profitability in today’s competitive economy, SpinTek is dedicated to providing the highest quality at the most reasonable cost.

Feed samples for particular applications can be tested in the SpinTek Filtration laboratory to determine which system is best for individual applications. SpinTek has pilot systems available for on-site testing and evaluation. Special discounts are available for OEM sales. Please contact SpinTek Filtration for a quotation on any of our tubular membrane products.

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