Solvent Extraction Overview

Solvent Extraction

In order to keep mining operations in optimal working order, solvent extraction filter systems need to be reliable and maintenance friendly. SpinTek hydrometallurgy systems are proven leaders for solvent extraction applications. SpinTek designs some of the most preferred equipment for mining and manufacturing companies worldwide.

Why should they be your preferred filtration units?

  • SpinTek’s CoMatrix filter system can reduce cost by 60% over conventional SX Filters
  • Proven market success through hundreds of installations worldwide
  • Designed to be cost competitive for most any size company
  • SpinTek can build a solvent extraction system to most any engineering specification
  • Our hydrometallurgy filter systems are built to be reliable and low maintenance up to 20 years
  • Our designs can boast single unit flow rates of over 1000 gpm
  • We have a worldwide network of parts suppliers and licensees for your convenience
  • CoMatrix designs reduce backwash time while conserving water

SpinTek wants to be your service partner! Our teams are ready to help your company with any type of engineered solution and support to help make your solvent extraction filter system installation as trouble free as possible.

What are the typical applications that SpinTek’s solvent extraction systems excel at?

  • Separation of organic matter from electrolyte streams
  • Removal of entrained organic from aqueous streams
  • Any application where organic matter needs to be removed down to 2ppm
  • Mining operations that extract Copper, Nickel, Zinc, Uranium, or Silver

SpinTek HydroMet filters are built to exacting standards – yours

Our engineering and design service and support teams can build and troubleshoot most any design to your needs. We are also able to configure centralized control systems with custom software and programming

Contact us here to discuss pricing and design of your perfect solvent extraction system.

What are the max flow rates for SpinTek’s self-contained filtration units?

SpinTek CoMatrixTM systems are free standing, self-contained units with individual unit flow rates of up to 3,300 gpm (750 m3/hr).

SpinTek Matrix Towers are free standing, self-contained filtration units with individual flow rates of up to 2,000 gpm (454 m3/hr) that can be synchronized to multiple units accommodating higher flow rates.

The SpinTek SX filters are free standing, self-contained units with individual unit flow rates of up to 660 gpm (150 m3/hr).
SpinTek hydrometallurgy filtration systems are built using stainless steel tanks, HDPE or stainless steel piping, 316L SS screens for media containment, inlet flow and service outlets.

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