CoMatrix Towers

CoMatrix Filters

Excellent Organic Recovery

  • Easily recovered organic
  • Five times the flow rate of SX filters
  • Single unit flow rates up to 3,300 GPM (750 m3/hr)
  • Fine electrolyte filtration down to 10 micron

Choose SpinTek!

The SpinTek CoMatrix system is specifically designed to provide excellent organic recovery and electrolyte filtering for the solvent extraction(SX) market. The system is designed to operate at five times the flow rate of traditional SX filters.

This filtration system translates to a 65% cost reduction and reduced backwash volumes of 70%.

The CoMatrix systems are free standing, self-contained units available in a variety of standard sizes with individual unit flow rates of up to 3,300 gpm (750 m3/hr). Multiple units can provide for much higher flow rates. All vessels, media, piping, instruments and controls are provided for a completely automatic and operational filtration system.

Controls and Instruments

The CoMatrix SX filtration system is automatically controlled in service, organic recovery and backwash with a PLC in a NEMA 4X housing to protect it from the environment. Custom controllers can be engineered and built to any specification for single unit or multiple unit control.

Standard instrumentation includes two stainless steel pressure gauges with seals. A vortex flow meter, automatic flow controller, delta pressure switch and organic recovery switch, all of 316L SS, are also standard.

Piping and Valves

Standard valves for the CoMatrix are 316 SS butterfly with air operators. Three 316 SS sample valves are included for monitoring the system’s performance and a 316 SS safety pressure relief valve provides system protection.

Piping is manufactured of 316 SS or Drisco HDPE fusion welded, and can be heat traced to prevent crystallization.

Media and Matrix Plates

The matrix plates are fabricated of PVC and perform excellent coalescing and recovery of the organic.

The CoMatrix uses two separate layers of media for final organic coalescing and filtration down to 10 microns. The layers consist of both granite and anthracite media with a specially designed packing system for greater flow through the large filters.

Pressure Vessels and Skid

The CoMatrix pressure vessels are constructed of 316L SS, built to the stringent ASME and NB requirements and stamped. Normal pressure vessel rating is 50 psig with higher ratings available.

Manways, tank supports and windows are standard and are also constructed of 316L SS. All vessel connections are standard ANSI flanges.

The CoMatrix filtration system is mounted on a carbon steel skid that has been blasted to SSPC-10 and coated with both epoxy and polyurethane for extra corrosion protection.

Vessel Internals

Vessel internals for inlet flow, backwash and service outlet are all constructed of 316L SS. In addition, the backwash, air and service outlet internals have 316L SS screens for media containment.

Additional Standard Features

  • Organic removal down to 2 PPM
  • 65% less capital cost than SX filters
  • 70% less backwash required than SX filters
  • Lower installation cost

Custom Features

The CoMatrix system can be built to a wide variety of specifications. Typical options include custom controllers, alternate piping and vessel materials, such as Hastelloy, specific welding specifications, and many others, to meet the demanding requirements of clients and specifying engineering firms.

>> Please contact SpinTek for more information on how the CoMatrix can be designed to meet any special requirements.