Aqualescer Coalescer Filters

Aqualescer – High Performance Aqueous Coalescer

Filters for Oily Water Separation

  • Aqueous coalescer for electrolyte and raffinate streams
  • Low cost coalescence of entrained organic
  • Improve performance of dual media filters
  • Pre-treatment or stand-alone solution
  • Reduce backwash frequency; minimize costs
  • Improve final effluent quality


SpinTek’s new Aqualescer® for hydrometallurgy applications provides effective coalescence of entrained organic to improve performance of dual media filters and lower costs.

Field Testing

The system was shown capable of operating pressures under 140kPa and obtained entrained organic removal of up to 95% for both electrolyte and raffinate streams.

Versatile Design

The coalescer can be incorporated into existing dual media filters to significantly improve organic removal, extend service runs, and reduce backwashing frequency.  The new design provides more easily recovered organic than the costly reprocessing of backwash electrolyte or water. Step up to Aqualescer

Did you know?

SpinTek can provide custom-designed control panels and software solutions based on your needs. Contact us here to inquire about specific capabilities for coalescer control modules.

If you would like more information about pricing and availability of our coalescer, please contact SpinTek.