Filtration Media

Filtration Media

SpinTek supplies filters that maximize filtration media use time but are still easy to service. Our filter efficiency is unmatched in the mining industry. SpinTek manufactures precise tolerance filtration media using anthracite, garnet, and sand, and heavy duty matrix plates which can be custom fitted.

SpinTek offers a complete and comprehensive approach to media filtration for solvent extraction applications in copper, nickel and zinc mining. We provide cost-effective filtration solutions for SX-EW circuits; trouble-free operation; and long-term customer satisfaction. SpinTek has installed hundreds of filters world-wide, some operational for 20 years.

Anthracite – The top layer of media is coarse anthracite that has been selected to provide the majority of organic coalescing from the aqueous stream. It also acts as a coarse filter media prior to the primary filtering garnet bed.

Garnet – The filtering layer of media in a SpinTek SX filter is a fine crushed garnet. The garnet, while also acting as a coalescing media, is the primary filtering layer which provides the ten micron rating of the filter.

Sand – As sand layer is used to fill the lower head of the pressure vessel below the outlet laterals and serves as a support bed for the garnet.

Why choose SpinTek for your filtration media needs?

  • We are able to design custom media and matrices for nearly any application
  • We manufacture garnet, anthracite, and sand to precise uniformity coefficients (1.33, 1.3 for sand)
  • Our high quality filtration media is competitively priced
  • All SpinTek materials and systems are backed by a worldwide network of licensees
  • We’ve worked hard to put a global parts supply network into place that can ship replacement components anywhere quickly
  • SpinTek matrices and filtration media are manufactured for maximum usage time for mining applications

Our filtration media and matrices are designed to function perfectly with our SX, CoMatrix and Matrix Tower filter systems.

SpinTek filtration media systems excel at these types of applications:

  • Organic removal from electrolyte
  • Raffinate streams
  • Organic particulate removal from aqueous streams
  • Copper, nickel, zinc, uranium, and silver mining
  • Oily water recycling

SpinTek filtration media matrix modules

Whether the task is removal of contaminants for environmental reasons or the recovery of clean gases for reuse, SpinTek matrix materials set the standard in gas cleaning systems. They are designed for mechanical durability, and easy installation. They can be custom formed to nearly any tank shape. They’re also made for easy service and maintenance. They are available in stainless steel, polypropylene, glass-coupled polypropylene for high temperature exchange and PVC.

If you would like more information about pricing and availability of our filtration media products, please contact the nearest SpinTek representative here.