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About Us

SpinTek has been manufacturing proprietary industrial filtration systems and tubular membrane filtration modules for over 14 years.

Mission Statement

The company seeks to be a manufacturing leader in providing high-tech filtration separations solutions for low-tech industries (i.e., base metals mining). The goal is to provide engineered solutions for harsh environments and distinguish ourselves from the competition. obtaining proprietary market access by providing innovative “enabling” technologies.


SpinTek has succeeded as a global leader in filtration solutions through invention, creative licensing agreements and strategic partnering arrangements with licensees in South Africa, South America, China, Canada, Peru and Brazil.

With thousands of installations worldwide, the company designs/manufactures solvent extraction (SX) media filters and proprietary CoMatrix® filters for copper, nickel, zinc, cobalt, and uranium “HydroMet” mining operations.

The specialized Aqualescer® Coalescers are uniquely designed for high volume organic separations in the SX/EW circuit for mining process streams or for desulfurization in oil field applications.

The Company specializes in engineered filtration solutions for industrial, commercial oily water separations and cost effective desulfurization of D2 or LNG applications.

The ST-II rotating filter using stainless steel membranes is suitable for extremely harsh environments or high level radioactive wastewater (HLRW) in nuclear applications; high solids or viscous applications, or, where conventional filters typically fail.  SpinTek is currently NQA1 Certified with the U.S. Department of Energy for HLRW applications.

By providing proprietary, innovative “enabling” technologies the Company is able to distinguish itself from the competition and obtain market access worldwide.