Stainless Steel Membranes

Stainless Steel Membranes

  • 0.07 to 0.8 micron pore sizes can be specified
  • 100% membrane stability in highly alkalie and solvent environments
  • Operationally stable to 300°C in air and up to 800°C in an inert or reducing atmosphere
  • Smooth membrane surface resists fouling
  • Tight mean pore diameter for precise filtration

Unique Ceramic Membrane

The SpinTek Td ceramic membrane offers a new tool for the separation of micro-sized solids from liquid, gas and air influent. The unique Td membrane starts as a 185 micron thick stainless steel substrate and then a thin (15 micron) nanopowder coating of ceramic is bonded to the substrate. The ceramic coating has a smooth surface that resists fouling which occurs with conventional “depth” type ceramic membranes. The Td ceramic membrane is available in pore sizes as small as 0.07 microns and as large as 0.8 microns. The base ceramic of the Tdmembrane is titanium dioxide (TiO2) manufactured from nano-sized ceramic powders. This can be blended with either zirconia or with a composite of alumina and silica dioxide depending on the intended service.

Ceramic Membrane Sizes

The SpinTek Td ceramic membrane is available in square sheets 285 mm (11.2″) x 285 mm (11.2″). Larger sheets are available by precision welding standard Td sheets together. Standard circular and rectangular configurations are available and custom configurations can be laser cut to meet most needs. The Td ceramic membrane can also be rolled to a minimum dimension of 10 mm (3/8″) without damaging the membrane surface.

System Configurations

The Td ceramic membrane can be used in the SpinTek ST-II and Speedy rotary microfiltration applications. Our engineers can also custom design and fabricate specific membrane modules for most applications.

Additional Benefits

  • Excellent performance in oil/water separation applications
  • Titanium substrate available
  • Resistant to bacterial attack
  • Can be sterilized with live steam

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