Speedy Rotary Membrane System

Speedy Rotary Membrane System

Foul-resistant, high-shear filtration system for parts bath solutions

  • Improves performance, significantly decreases downtime, and extends bath life
  • Quick release clamp facilitates fast, easy opening of unit for membrane cleaning and maintenance
  • Single disk ceramic membrane withstands heat, high pH
  • Powerful rotational shear prevents fouling and provides high, very stable system throughput
  • Available in multiple disk configurations

High Productivity

Speedy by SpinTek solves filtration problems associated with high temperature, highly alkaline process streams and metal working fluids. This compact, high shear Rotating Ceramic Ultrafilter (RCU) significantly extends bath life in a typical metalworking or parts shop. Speedy features a rapidly spinning eleven-inch ceramic membrane disk to generate shear that is orders of magnitude greater than conventional UF systems. This powerful rotational shear prevents fouling and provides high, very stable system throughput. As a result, Speedy promotes longer bath life by effectively maintaining viable bath chemistries.

Low Maintenance

SpinTek’s high-shear, Rotating Ceramic Ultrafilter is proven superior in treating highly viscous waste streams that were previously considered untreatable. Its ceramic membrane is easily removed for quick cleaning and inspection – simply remove a few bolts and sponge off the ceramic membrane disk. The result is dramatically reduced downtime and maintenance costs, savings on bath solutions, and cleaner parts. Speedy requires minimal operator assistance and the small footprint saves space in facilities where floor space is at a premium.

Additional Benefits

  • Virtually foul-resistant with especially oily or sludgy streams
  • Spinning eleven-inch ceramic disk generates shear that is orders of magnitude greater than conventional UF systems
  • Concentrates waste and process streams previously considered untreatable
  • Costs up to 75% less than competitive ultrafiltration technologies
  • Small footprint eliminates floor space cramping

Highly Effective Membranes

SpinTek has spent nearly three decades in the research and development of its ceramic membranes and centrifugal systems. Formed from a fine, ceramic nanopowder, the SpinTek membranes better resist fouling from oily and sludgy materials. Combined with high shear that is orders of magnitude greater than conventional UF systems, Speedy’s ceramic membranes allow the system to process a wide variety of viscous solutions containing moderate to high solids.

Choose Your Configuration

Speedy is available in a single disk configuration that is especially well-suited for operations with parts baths of 350 gallons or less. For larger volumes, Speedy is available in multiple disk configurations. The five-disk Speedy unit can process up to 1,500 gallons per day. Speedy’s low cost combined with savings from reduced maintenance and downtime brings a quick return on investment.


  • Gallons Per Day – 300 per single disk (approximate)
  • Types of Solutions – Oily waste, aqueous cleaner, liquid/solid separation
  • Concentration Percentage – Up to 60%
  • Size – Speedy – 18′L x 12′W x 12′H
  • Complete System – 3.0′L x 3.5′W x 5.0′H
  • Weight – Base Unit 70lbs, Complete System 175lbs.
  • Footprint – 18′ x 18′ (Base), 3.5′ x 3.5′ (Complete System)

Configurations Available

  • Single Disk (RCU) 300 gal/day (approximate)
  • 5 Disk (RCU) up to 1,500 gal/day (approximate)
  • 10 Disk (RCU) 3,000 gal/day (approximate)
  • Complete system includes – single disk unit with 11 inch membrane, process tank with integral pretreatment, transfer and circulation pump, bag filter and instrumentation and control panel.

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