Reichhold Chemical Co.

Reichhold Chemical Co.

Reichhold Chemical Co. Chooses SpinTek Filtration to Solve Waste Latex Problem

SpinTek Filtration ultra filtration system converts waste latex into a reclaimable product and produces a discharge stream that consistently complies with local discharge regulations.

About Reichhold Chemical Co.

Reichhold Chemical Co. produces latex adhesive products in Chicamauga, GA. The plant uses large amounts of water for the clean up of manufacturing equipment. The wastewater contains 5% polyvinyl acetate/acrylate latex emulsion and 1% styrene/butadiene.

The Challenge

Discharge regulations for the city of Chicamauga prevented Reichhold from discharging the wash water directly to drain due to the large volume of waste latex in the stream. Several treatment options were Evaluated by Reichhold. Most proved to be either too difficult to operate, too expensive to maintain, or not effective for the removal of waste latex.

Tubular Ultra Filtration System

The Solution

After extensive evaluation, alternate technologies such as chemical treatment, dissolved air flotation and ultra filtration, Reichhold determined that ultra filtration would be the least costly and labor-intensive process.

SpinTek Filtration provided a tubular ultra filtration system that allowed Reichhold to concentrate the waste latex up to 25% and return it to their process. The filtrate from the ultra filtration system (permeate) was suitable for discharge to drain without further treatment.

Tubular Ultra Filtration

  • Consistent Effluent Quality – Membranes provide a physical barrier between feed and filtered streams
  • Ease of Operation – SpinTek filtration tubular membrane systems require no special training to operate nor do they require a full time operator
  • Cleanability – SpinTek filtration tubular membranes can be both chemically and mechanically cleaned
  • Durability – SpinTek Filtration tubular membranes provide long life and performance when compared to other types of membrane systems
  • Quality – SpinTek Filtration provides quality assurance through rigorous product testing and improvement
  • Factory Support – SpinTek Filtration is committed to complete customer satisfaction through competitive pricing, quality products and a high level of technical support