Hollow Fiber Membranes

Hollow Fiber Membranes

  • Uses cost-effective, high-performance hollow fiber membrane ultrafiltration technology
  • Low fouling system suffers little degradation of performance between maintenance periods over months of use
  • Complete flexible system that doesn’t rely on dubious electric delivery in outlying developing regions. Can be converted to solar or animal power.
  • Little maintenance.
  • Combination of technologies. HF, carbon filter, and ion exchange filter eliminate virtually all contaminants while providing fresh drinking water source from 150 to 200 gallons per hour
  • Easy to transport, install and maintain

Ultrafiltration on Steroids

SpinTek’s advanced Hollow Fiber (HF) Membrane technology is a simple, powerful ultrafiltration solution. SpinTek’s hollow fiber membranes provide a high surface area that allows you to create compact filtration systems with space saving advantages and higher filtration rates.


SpinTek currently outsources it’s Hollow Fiber membranes which are available in Polysulfone and Polyethersulfone. Both polymers are available with standard 50,000 NMWC or
100,000 NMWC cutoffs, though smaller or larger cutoffs can be formulated depending upon the application.

Fiber Diameters

The standard diameters are 1.2 mm OD, 0.8 mm OD (available October 2007) and 0.6 mm OD (available October 2007). Other sizes are available based upon custom tooling for a specific size. Lead time is typically 12 weeks for a custom size using current formulas.

Fiber Lengths and Configurations:

Hollow fibers are available as continuous rolls or can be precut to length. They are also available wet or fully dry for potting. The maximum straight length of cut fibers with no bends from manufacturing is:

  • 1.2 mm OD is available up to 72″ (1829 mm)
  • 0.8 mm OD is available up to 72″ (1829 mm)
  • 0.6 mm OD is available up to 60″ (1524 mm)

If you would like more information about pricing and availability of our hollow fiber membrane products, please contact the nearest SpinTek representative here.

The Sparkle® System – A powerful ultrafiltration solution

  • Hollow Fiber Membrane Module
  • Outside-In Hollow Fibers
  • Automatic or Manual Cleaning
  • Dual Non-Resilient Collapsible Chambers
  • Backflush Pressure Constant
  • Virtually No Wasted Water
  • Small Footprint – High Flux
  • Stand Alone Capability
  • External Power Not Required
  • No Extra Tanks, Pumps Necessary
  • Pre-Filter Modules Easily Added
  • Scaleable to Larger Systems
  • Affordable; Price Competitive

Sparkle® is a proprietary drinking water system* with automatic backflush capability. Hollow fiber membranes are configured in a module that achieves high packing density and provides excellent water quality. The unique dual non-resilient collapsible chamber (DNC2), or “floating pressure cup,” allows the module to be easily cleaned where filtered water is sent through the fiber in reverse, flushing away all solids and biological contaminants.

While Sparkle® will remove all bacteria and suspended solids that are very small in size, the performance of the filter is enhanced by an integral pre-filter for solids removal. In addition, other filters or absorbers can be easily added for specific contaminant removal such as arsenic, chlorine, mercury, etc. depending upon location and feed water make-up.
*Patent Pending

Anti-Fouling Technology

A most effective way to clean a membrane system is to backflush the filter by sending the clean filtrate produced by the filter back through the membrane layer at a higher pressure than the feed pressure. Sparkle’s unique “floating pressure cup,” attached to the membrane module, accomplishes this. Sparkle’s anti-fouling technology creates reverse flow pressure that remains constant during the cleaning cycle because it is at a higher pressure than the feed pressure. This constant backflush pressure created by proprietary dual non-resilient collapsible chambers (DNC2), or floating pressure cup, gives Sparkle a distinct advantage over conventional resilient bladder filters. Additionally, the integral prefilter reduces fouling, simplifying the system and eliminating additional plumbing. For additional water storage a pressurized bladder can easily be added.

If you would like more information about pricing and availability of our hollow fiber membrane systems, please contact us here.