Heritage Container

Heritage Container

SpinTek Filtration tubular ultra filtration membranes remove heavy ink solids and oil to produce a discharge stream that consistently complies with local discharge regulations.

Heritage Container Uses SpinTek Filtration Tubular Ultra Filtration Membranes to Treat Flexographic Ink Waste.

About Heritage Container

Heritage Container produces corrugated paper products in Riverside, CA. As part of the process, Heritage uses flexographic ink to print on the products. Large amounts of water are used on a daily basis for clean up of the printing equipment. The wastewater contains approximately Total Suspended Solids (TSS) 10,000 mg/l, Fat/Oil/Grease (FOG) 930 mg/l, Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) 1,600 mg/l.

The Challenge

Discharge regulations for the city of Tubular ultra filtration was selected as the Riverside prevented Heritage Best Available Technology, but the price of from discharging the wash water replacement membranes from the original directly to drain due to the large vendor was driving up Heritage’s operating volume of TSS, FOG and BOD. costs.

Tubular UF Module

The Solution

SpinTek Filtration provided Heritage with direct-retrofit tubular ultra filtration membranes at a fraction of the cost of the original membranes, with equal or better performance and longevity.

The permeate (filtered) stream is now suitable for discharge or reuse in the plant. The concentrated (concentrate) stream containing the waste ink can either be disposed of in landfill, or reused as a low grade ink.

The tubular ultra filtration membranes from SpinTek Filtration were able to reduce TSS 99.9%, FOG 95% and BOD 50%.

Tubular Ultra Filtration

  • Consistent Effluent Quality – Membranes provide a physical barrier between feed and filtered streams
  • Cleanability – SpinTek Filtration tubular membranes can be both chemically and mechanically cleaned
  • Durability – SpinTek Filtration tubular membranes provide long life and performance when compared to other types of membrane systems
  • Quality – SpinTek Filtration provides quality assurance through rigorous product testing and improvement
  • Factory Support – SpinTek Filtration is committed to complete customer satisfaction through competitive pricing, quality products and a high level of technical support