Tubular Ceramic Membranes

Tubular Ceramic Membranes

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SpinTek filtration has partnered with atech innovations to provide both single- and multi-channel ceramic membranes. These membranes are suitable for ultra filtration from 5 kD to microfiltration up to 1.2 µm. These ceramic membranes are capable of performing under extreme conditions – with an excellent chemical, thermal and mechanical strength that is matched by almost no other material. We also supply the pressure vessels that hold the filtration membranes and provide many more additional services. These services include testing of filterability of liquids, on site tests, pilot installations and many more.

Examples of ceramic membrane applications


• Cleaning of photo-chemical developers
• Pigment, hydroxide and catalyst recovery
• Latex concentration
• Solvent recovery
• Oil/water separation
• Hydrochloric acid clarification
• Cleaning of pickling bath
• Effluent treatment of isopropyl alcohol production
• Filtration of dyes


• Cell separation
• Protein filtration
• Clarification of fermentation broth for the production of antibiotics, enzymes, vitamins, aminoacids
• MBR (effluent treatment)

Metalworking/ steel maker

• Degreasing baths recovery
• Treatment of produced water
• Treatment of cooling lubricants
• Clarification of precision part rinse water
• Effluent treatment (oil/water separation, COD reduction)
• Cleaning of pickling bathes


• Treatment of produced water
• Oil/water separation on oil/gas platforms
• MBR (membrane bioreactor)
• Washing water recycling in laundries
• CIP – alkaline solutions recovery
• Concentration of residual from biogas and ethanol production
• Size recovery (textile)
• Clarification / concentration of dye (textile)
• Bilge water treatment
• Vehicle wash-water recycling

Food & Beverage

• Clarification of starch hydrolysates (sugar)
• Defatting of whey
• Concentration of Ca- phosphate in dairy industry
• Clarification in sugar cane refining
• Concentration of fresh cheese
• Whey protein fractionation
• Clarification of gelatine
• Filtration of tank bottom beer
• Clarification of apple, lemon and coloured juices

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Presentation atech eng 2015 [Kompatibilitätsmodus]

Presentation atech eng 2015 [Kompatibilitätsmodus]Oil/Water Separation, 50m3/h, China